How to meditate?

Meditation is a way to train mind as fitness is a technique to train body. Well, its quite difficult for beginners to do meditation by sitting for hours and empty headed. But, in general, meditation is about focusing on your breaths.

Now, let’s discuss on of the simplest ways of doing meditation at fullest pace:

  • First of all, sit and lie down in the most comfortable position. You may also need a meditation chair for it.
  • Then, Close your eyes.
  • Time to focus on your breaths.
  • Don’t put control over your breath. You need to breathe naturally.
  • Focus your attention on how your body exhales and inhales.
  • Notice movements of body part as you breathe.
  • Without controlling pace or intensity, focus your attention on breath.
  • In case your mind takes away, allow it to come back.